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Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration Services
Enviro Ceiling Cleaning will help you not only solve several areas of facility maintenance, Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration Before and Aftersuch as Acoustical Ceiling Restoration, Lighting, Walls and other areas of specialty cleaning, but, you will improve your facilities appearance and more importantly improve operational expenses of contracting, coordinating, and dealing with several vendors.

The logical reason that the kitchens and deli’s acoustical ceilings and open structures require a more intense cleaning method is due to the effects of the cooking oils being heated to the point that they become a fume and rise with the air. Once they come into contact with a surface, they accumulate and cool.

Clean your CeilingsThese are organic substances and contain sufficient moisture to be an attractive medium for microbial growth.  Bacteria and mold spore exist everywhere at all times without exception.

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The only possible way to control levels is to control the moisture required for them to grow. If oils are allowed to accumulate, the condensation from the hot oils is certainly sufficient moisture and the oil is a good source of organic material used as a food source.



Ceiling Cleaning Before and After Pictures of Vinyl Tile Ceiling Cleaning Ceiling Cleaning Before and After Pictures of Diffuser and Ceiling Cleaning Ceiling Cleaning Before and After Pictures of Diffuser and Ceiling Cleaning
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Ceiling Cleaning Services we offer:

  •     Acoustical Ceiling Tile Cleaning
  •     Clean FRP Walls and Wall Coverings
  •     Metal Ceiling Tiles
  •     Sheet-Rock Painted Ceilings
  •     Speaker Covers and Vents

Perfect Mix 801 Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Solution

Our Ceiling Cleaning Process

We use USDA and OSHA approved Perfect Mix cleaning solution that is applied the most efficient spray machine on the market, the Spray Station 10.  All work is done in place.  The first step in our cleaning process is to carefully cover all furniture, tables, product etc… with plastic.  Your ceiling is then dusted to remove all loose buildup of dust, debris etc…  Your ceiling is then sprayed with the cleaning solution.  The solution will begin to work immediately by breaking down foreign substances on your tile such as nicotine, carbon, grease, cooking oils etc…  All of the nonporous surfaces are wiped clean.  Your porous ceiling will dissolve the foreign substances that are attached to the tile.  All of this is done with your ceiling in place by using extension poles with cleaning attachments and sprayers.  

Once your ceiling has been thoroughly wiped clean and dry, the plastic is removed and all signs of falling debris and chemicals are cleaned up.  The process can be completed either at night or around your business schedule with no business interruption. 

We can clean most any ceiling or wall surface including traditional fissured ceiling tile, glacier, tectum, vinyl tile, painted plaster and drywall, popcorn, wallpaper and brick.  Also good for smoke and fire damaged tiles.

The Benefits of Ceiling Cleaning

1. Improves Appearance
The light reflecting properties are restored to the tile which results in a brightening of the entire room.

2. Saves Money
Ceiling can be cleaned many times for 1/3 the cost of painting and less than 1/5 the cost of replacement.

3. No Business Interruption
Cleaning can be done after hours with no interruption of business. A 2000 sq. ft. ceiling can be cleaned in a little as a few hours, where as it would take 3 working days to replace. Also, no lingering odor or mess left behind as with painting.

4. Improves Acoustical Value
Cleaning actually improves the acoustical value of dirty tiles by removing dirt from the pores. Painting destroys the acoustical value by sealing the porous surface of the tile.

5. Improves Fire Rating
Painting can nullify special fire ratings on commercial ceiling tiles. Instead of retarding the spread of flames, paint can actually spread them.

6. Clean and Deodorizes
Odors and bacteria trapped in dirty tiles are neutralized by our cleaning products and methods.

7. Less Time Consuming
It’s less time taking than painting or replacement. Time is Money!

8. Energy Savings
Not only are dirty ceilings unsightly and unsanitary, they can reduce lighting efficiency by over 20-40%. Instead of reflecting light, dirty tiles absorb it, thus requiring more lighting just to maintain the designed level. More energy is required not only for the additional lighting but to offset the heat generated by these lights. Cleaning will restore the ceiling’s original reflecting properties thereby reducing the energy demand.

Advantages of our Ceiling Cleaning Process


Ceiling Cleaning of a Supermarket before and after pictures of our Ceiling Cleaning Results

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 Ceiling Cleaning of a Kitchen before and after pictures of our Ceiling Cleaning Results Click to Enlarge

Don't Paint it or Replace it, Clean it for a fraction of the cost

Save up to 75% over the cost of replacing tiles, with no mess and interruption to your business.  Painting is messy, damages the ceiling systems and cost twice as much, as well as destroying the acoustical value and can alter the fire rating. 

Ceiling Cleaning


Don't paint your Ceilings, Clean it
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Be responsible by recycling your acoustical ceiling tiles in place and save money

Open Structure Cleaning

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