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Enviro Ceiling Cleaning Testimonial from Presque Isle Rehablilition & Nursing

Presque Isle Rehabilition & Nursing - Enviro Ceiling Cleaning Testimonial:

Curt and Kelly,

I am sorry this is so late, but I just wanted to thank you again for the work that you performed at our facility.  I never thought that our ceilings could look so good short of being replaced!  Both of you were so professional and accommodating that it made what you do that much more amazing.  If possible, I would like to book ahead for next year towards the beginning of August.  I am spreading the word throughout our organization, although I must say that your work speaks very well for itself. 

Thanks again!

Amber Leonheart  CDM/CFPP
Assistant Director of Food & Nutrition
Presque Isle Rehabilitation & Nursing
4114 Schaper Avenue
Erie,PA 16508

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