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Can I paint my kitchen ceiling tile?

Can I paint my kitchen ceiling tile?

Many times I’m asked by a perspective customer to evaluate their ceiling for a cleaning.  Upon inspection, I find their ceiling has been painted.  This presents a number of problems.  The most important of these is it reduces the fire rating of the ceiling.  The fire rating becomes the rating of the paint.  It is almost always lower than the original.  As a result, the ceiling will yellow quicker, especially areas that are exposed to the high heat of cooking equipment.  This yellowing cannot be removed in a cleaning.  The tile becomes permanently damaged.  Stains will tend to bleed through paint.  This cannot be removed either since it is into the paint.  Other problems include ceiling tile sticking to grid work (bridging) and reduced fire ratings.  

While painting is a quick short term solution, it marks the beginning of the end of the life of your ceiling.  In short, we can clean your painted tile, but the quality of the cleaning is reduced due to these factors.  If you want to maintain your ceiling, cleaning and only cleaning is the logical choice. 

If you decide to paint your grid work and ceiling vents, ensure they are properly cleaned.  Also, the paint should be a commercial grade that will withstand the commercial kitchen cooking environment.  The ceiling tile should be lifted off of the grid to ensure no bridging between the ceiling tile and grid. 

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