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Dirty Ceiling Vents and Surrounding Ceiling Tile

Dirty ceiling vents and surrounding ceiling tile

The biggest cleaning concern for acoustic ceiling tile is around air vents.  There are simple things you can do to lessen this problem and maintain the cleanliness of your ceiling for a longer period of time.  If you notice a buildup of dust and carbon in and around your vents, simply take a clean soft sweep broom and brush the vents and surrounding ceiling.  The loose debris will be swept away.  Be sure to cover the area below with plastic to catch the falling debris.  This should be done periodically and will vary depending on the building’s airflow and environment.  If you notice your ceiling remains dirty, you may need to call a ceiling cleaning professional for an evaluation. 

Another thing you can do to combat this problem is install clear plastic vent diverters.  These easily attach to the grid work around the vent.  It diverts the air flow off of your ceiling and prevents the spread of debris on the ceiling.  These clear diverters are almost invisible on the ceiling and won’t be noticed by your customers. 

If you notice your ceiling vents and surrounding tile are unusually dirty and hard to maintain, you may want a HVAC professional to check out the situation.  In most cases, they’ll find your airflow is too high and needs to be reduced.  This condition is especially prevalent in commercial kitchens.  

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