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Dish Room Ceiling Problems

Dish Room Ceiling Problems

A commercial dish room ceiling is subjected to different problems than the rest of your kitchen ceiling.  While there are issues from grease in much of the kitchen, this doesn’t hold true in a dish area.  This environment is subjected to a lot of moisture from the dish sprayer and the dish machine.  Steam from the dishwasher rises and is absorbed by the ceiling.  Grid work and vents tend to rust.  The dish sink sprayer is a great tool for spraying things off including your ceiling.  The problem I’ve been finding is after your personnel hose off the ceiling, they don’t dry the tile.  This moisture hangs around all night into the next day.  This eventually leads to rust on grid work and vents and mold on ceiling tile.  What not to do.  Don’t paint your tile, grid or vents.  This just masks the problem.  Rust will make its way through and become worse.  It will never solve your issue. 

What can be done about these problems? 

The first thing you can do is ensure your dish room ceiling is dried every night.   Use an extension pole with an attachment and dry towel to keep your ceiling dry.  Clean your ceiling with a mix of bleach and water to remove the mold (vinyl tile only).  If you have rusty grid and vents, there are PVC products to permanently solve your problem.  PVC covers can be inserted over existing grid.  PVC vents can replace old rusty vents.  Call us for help with any of these issues.   

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